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Another Successful Braces Treatment

10 Jul 2017 21:54

Here is the YELP Review we received from him - a very satisfied patient.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jesus S.Long Beach, CA 0 friends 3 reviews[6/24/2017   Dr Velasquez is the best dentist in long beach,they fix my teeth that was really bad ,now i can smileand feel great, that's why iam so sati [...]

Did you know that there are 3 ways to fight Dental Anxiety?

20 Jun 2017 23:54

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Don't think thatyou're alone. Past unpleasant experiences from thedentist can add to the fears & apprehension anyonecan have. Maybe you're afraid of needles, or anydental minor or major procedures or fear of  justsimply thinking what the dentist might find duringyour exam. And if you delay or you don't go to yourdentist, more serious problems may occur. Don't bea stranger, visit your dentist regularly to avoid anyemergency and its much easier in [...]

Smile Saved Just in time for her Wedding

8 Jun 2017 19:43

Sara was happy & satisfied with the outcomeof her treatment which was just in time forher upcoming wedding. Now she can smilenaturally for the event's photo shoots. Notonly that, she can also enjoy the food betterthan with the appliance that she used to have. Another smile saved from the smile​specialist, Dr. Jeff D. Velasquez.By VbAV [...]

Longtime Patient's Testimonial

2 Jun 2017 23:48

A longtime patient talks about her experience here@ Velasquez Dental. She says shes been coming here forseveral years now. Everytime she comes here, she feels like she'spart of the family..She said that every procedure ourdoctor has done was done with such ease and careand have never left with pain. She said she loves her beautiful smile..Another Smile saved!By VBaV [...]

June 2017- Fun Facts

1 Jun 2017 16:31

Dentist: You need a filling. Patient: Make it a chocolate please.​How about you, do you need one?​ ​Please call our office @ 562-247-4683 [...]

Keeping up with your Regular Dental Check Up and Cleaning Specially during Pregnancy

18 May 2017 19:43

This video is from ADA (American Dental Association) Did you know that pregnancy gingivitis is preventable?Its important to be mouth healthy for life. Our mouthis the gateway to our body’s overall health. Duringpregnancy, your oral health is important for bothyours & your baby. Regular Dental check up & cleaningduring pregnancy is beneficial to prevent any gumproblem or what is commonly called as‘pregnancy gingivitis’. This is caused by increaseaccumulation of p [...]

Fun Facts: May 2017

15 May 2017 23:12


Long Time Patient

25 Apr 2017 16:53

Meet one of our happy long time patient.... [...]

Braces on a 14-YO

24 Apr 2017 18:21

A grateful patient who have just finished with his braces andduring the course of his  treatment, he had a car accident thathad affected his upper left maxillary bone. Thank goodnesswith the braces on, it kept the teeth in place.Another smile saved at Velasquez Dental.​By: VbAV [...]

April 2017 Fun Facts

14 Apr 2017 22:48

This is what happens when we love our petsso much! Brushing their teeth doesn't hurt ​though. [...]

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