Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

​(email: drjeff@velasquezdental.com)

"The power of a healthy

and confident
smile can bring

you new opportunities;

here to help you ​achieve it."

Dr. Velasquez grew up with the

influence of
his mom, Dr. Neome Velasquez,

a Family
Physician, and his dad, Dr. John

General Surgeon in the

Philippines and in
Africa.He knew at an

early age he wanted to
be like his parents

helping people. He is a

caring and gifted dentist.
Dr. Jeff D.

Velasquez earned his Dental
Degree from

USC- University of Southern

School of Dentistry in 2002 after finishing

his Bachelor's
degree in Biology at Cal State

Dominguez Hills. He also has a

degree in Respiratory
Therapy. He worked

at Children's Hosp. Los
Angeles and at San

Pedro Peninsula Hospital as
a Registered

Respiratory Therapist before he
became a

dentist. He opened his own private

practice in 2004. He has been part of

Long Beach community for many years.

He is a member of the Harbor Dental

California Dental Association,

American Dental
Association, and Academy

of General Dentistry.
He is married and have

a son, Joey.
He enjoys playing tennis,

reading, traveling,
hiking and spending time

with his ​family and
their dog Biggy.


(email: vilmabav@velasquezdental.com)

Vilma is the OFFICE MANAGER and a

Registered Dental Assistant. She

with art in her

Her father instill to her from a very

young age ​

"Smile is the primary

landmark of beauty

the radiance of
the soul,

so we should
wear ​and

share it everyday."

​She enjoys cooking, hiking

spending time with ​her family.

Fun Facts:

A patient once asked me the meaning of

my owl pendant and said "WISDOM"? And

I responded, "Yes! My dentist has taken

all my wisdom out so I
like wearing them."


Live life with purpose, good values ,

INTENTIONS & keep a little prayer

​​in your pocket.


​-When things go wrong and you did the best

you can, "Let GO & let GOD."

-Someone near & dear often tells me

"Always see the GOOD in people."


​Encouraging patients to have HOPE when they

thought their SMILE Dream & SMILE Goal is





​(email: loidac@velasquezdental.com)

Loida is the BILLER, receptionist and a

Registered Dental Assistant. She's been in the

field for
more than 23 years. She does pretty


Her hardwork and dedication is

She's loved by our patients and
she often tells


"only brush the teeth that you

want to keep."

She's happily married to Bob and loves

time ​with their 2 kids (Leah

​& Russell) and their
dog Cheetah

Fun Facts / Unforgettable moments with Patients:

One winter late afternoon, a new patient walked-in,

although he looked intimidating because of his size,

he seemed friendly during our initial conversation.

I brought him in & told him to sit in the dental chair.

I noticed that he started to sweat and I mean

sweating a lot (in large drops). Before I even had

the chance to ask him if he is ok, he said with a smile

"Do't let my size fool you, I'm the

BIGGEST CHICKEN when it comes to

the Dentist."


To make it in life, we should be strong enough

to stand alone, smart enough to know when we

need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

Favorite Qoutes:

"Hard times are like a washing machine. They

twist and turn and knock us around, but in the

end, we come out cleaner, brighter and better

than before."

​Patient's Service:

​Coming to the dentist is hard enough for some people.

So, once they're in our office, it is my goal to make

them comfortable and make them realize that they

made the right decision of coming to our office.



​(email: cynthiar@velasquezdental.com)

Cynthia is a graduate from SCROC DA

program. She's the right hand of the Doctor.

​She believes that

"Smile is healthy & good for

everyone. It is a happiness

you'll find right under your


She became interested in the dental field

when she got her braces and now she

enjoys interacting with patients and

learning more everyday.

She loves photography and helps her dad

at their Photo Studio in LA almost ​every ​


Fun Facts:

Most patients says their teeth (on Xrays)

looks like their


Born Catholic & accepted Omnism

​Helping & caring for others gives

purpose to life.

Forgive not to be settled, but to steer of

hate within.

​Everything happens
for a reason.

Favorite Qoutes & Bible Verse:

I can do all things through Christ who

strenghtens me.- Philippians 4:13

To truly live is the rarest thing in the world.

​Most people exist, that is all. - Oscar Wilde

The 3 hardest acts in the world dare neither

physical feats nor intellectual achievements,

but moral acts: to return love for hate, to

include the excluded, and to say

"I was wrong."

Patient's Service:

Seeing patients happy with their NEW SMILE

after finishing their Braces, Dentures,

Crowns or any other treatment gives me

contentment knowing that I helped out and

I was part of that journey.