Jeff Velasquez, DDS

>>> Roland Tagayuna

-5 Star *****

March 3, 2016

​Great dentist and the

employees are very friendly

towards their patients.

I totally recommend this


>>> Merlina Uy

- 5 Star *****

May 26,2015

I had a nice visit and the

staff was very friendly

and helpful. The dentist

was very
efficient and

helpful. This is a great

visit for a dentist!


5 Star *****

Mar 25, 2015

I am so glad that I

personally entrusted my

mile with Dr Velasquez

and his suggestions
and all

his efforts in improving my

smile Loida and all the

others are great too!
I have

been blessed to find the

talented and friendly people

that are now my friends

at Dr. Jeff Velasquez Dental

>>> Shean Hoops

- 5 Star

Mar 21, 2015

Very efficient doctor, my

visit was comfortable ​and

he was very ​friendly


Jeff Velasquez, DDS


Dr. Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

541 W Willow St

Long Beach, CA 90806



3 responses

​ 5 Stars

Jeff Velasquez.DDS

5 Stars *****


Ernestine Redmond

on May 1st, 2015

Dr. Velasquez is such a great

dentist, very caring and

always make Me feel

soo relax and comfortable

with his painless numbing.

He always makes sure that

my smile looks so natural

and I always leave

office with a smile. His staff

are SOOO friendly ​and

​personable with a great

sense of ​humor





"You are wonderful people

who make me feel more

comfortable. I have always

suffered anxiety with my

previous dentist; had many

bad experiences but you

Dr. Velasquez and your

staff have taken away the

anxiety. Thank you for

your care and compassion."

​ ---04/21/2016

2. Robert Jones

" A great experience!

Very professional &

Each process

was carefully explained

and clarified and

performed with the

utmost care. All staff

created a comfortable



Jeff Velasquez, DDS

Rhonda Morales


Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS5 star

February 20 at 11:37pm ·

I would totally recommend

Jeff D. Velasquez dental

services. I dont feel

comfortable going to any

other place. I've never

experienced any pain or

discomfort. Always

professional and gentle.

The staff is great the girls

all know me by name and

always play calming music

​while on my visit.

>>>>>Dorina G Valenzuela


Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

5 star *****

​September 22 at 10:07am ·

Best staff around! They are

always very accommodating

to us.

>>> Daryl Villahermosa


Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

5 star *****

June 13, 2016

I've had three root canals

with Dr Velasquez and never

had any pain during the

procedure . I've been to many

dentist but he's the best that

I have encountered. The staff

( Vilma, Loida , Cynthia)were

all very nice and approachable.

I don't have any problems in

getting an appointment.

I would recommend

Dr Velaquez to my family and


>>>>>> Savin Yem


Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

5 star *****

June 7, 2016

I love how kid friendly it's

and how the staff really make

u feel comfortable...... like

family. I'm never disappointed

after my check up

>>>>Mary Rose Santos-Metra


Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

5 star

Friendly and good staff.

We love coming to this

dental office. Thank you

Dr. Jeff and Staff.

>>> Charito Solis-javier

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

5 star *****

​September 23, 2015

Going inside a nice smile

friendly atmosphere staffs

very accommodating clean

smells good modern up to

date instruments and most

of all Dr Jeff explaining

everything and most

important NO PAIN keep up

the good job!!!!

>>> Kirsten Graham

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

-- 5 star *****

September 17, 2015

Have been going for years,

always makes going to the

dentist easy, especially with

my busy schedule :)

smile emoticon

>>> Kaylie Escobar --

5 star *****

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

August 19, 2015

He is so good, has a very

light hand and numbs you

up painlessly. I am greatful

he is my dentist. Also his

staff are very nice too

>>> Myra Rabe --

5 star *****

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

September 17, 2015

Maymay was so pleased

with the service & she was

telling me that

Dr. Velasquez was so nice

& gentle. I'm glad I went to


1 Review

>>> Aurora Javonillo

5 star *****

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

August 21, 2015

I just experienced the

lightest dentist hand ever!

Thank u Dr. Velasquez &

staff for making me feel


1 Review

>>> Samantha Rivas

5 star *****

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

March 18, 2015

>>> Gloria Rodriguez Yanez

5 star *****

reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

March 6, 2015

>>>Gina Salsameda

5 Stars *****

Reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

about 12 months ago

I'm a very sensitive and

anxious person, when

it comes to having dental

But my dentist is so

patient with me and makes

me comfortable every time.

He has the most gentle

hands of all the dentists I've

been to.The staff is so

knowledgeable and friendly,

too, and very



2 Reviews

>>> Filpia Deligero-Del


-- 5 star *****

Reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

about 12 months ago

1 Review

>>> Jeff Nolasco

5 star *****

Reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

about 12 months ago

We have been dental

patients since 2000. If

you are searching for a

dentist, I'd check

Jeff out. His office is open

on Saturdays too!​

1 Review

​>>>Dan Ramos

5 star *****

Reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS

about 12 months ago

I know him for years!...

such a nice guy!...and of

course as a dentist as


I strongly recommend him!..

1 Review

>>>Michele Tamayo

5 star *****

Reviewed Jeff D. Velasquez, DDS --

about 11 months ago

my favorite dentist. Does a great job on

teeth. ​His stuff are wonderful too!


1 Review


​Jeff Velasquez, DDS

​Latest Review

  • Jesus S.
  • Long Beach, CA
  • 0 friends
  • 3 reviews


Dr Velasquez is the best

dentist in long beach, they

fix my teeth that was really

bad ,now i can smile and feel

great, that's why i am so

satisfied and giving this

review a 5 for my orthodontic

braces treatment.

YELP First Review

- 5 Stars
  • 1 review


First to Review

Dr. Velasquez was

recommended to me by a

good friend. I have other

dentists prior to him

in Beverly Hills,

Mid- Wilshire area I

came to see him to ask for

a second opinion on a

procedure that my former

dentist was implying for me

to have. I tried his services

and I haven't left. I

switched dentists from

then on. Dr. Velasquez

takes his time to do the

job right. Very patient and

has very light hands.I have

had major work done on

my teeth with a root canal

and porcelain crowns of my

front teeth. I like the work

that he has done. It has

been about 3 years now

and I am very satisfied with

his services. He is not only

great with adults but

amazing with kids as

well. Besides that the

friendly staff accommodates

schedule changes when


I highly recommend

Dr. Velasquez.

YELP Second Review

- 5 Stars
  • 16 friends
  • 1 review


First to Review

Highest Recommendation

to Dr. Valasquez and

everyone at his office.

I'm thankful for the great

job they've done on my

dad's teeth. Dr. Valasquez

and his staff were friendly

and educational. He took

the time to explain every

procedure that was being

done to my dad before

the procedure took


I really appreciated all the

information. My first visit

at the office, Loida

welcomed my dad and I with

such a warm and

comfortable smile. Loida

who is mainly at the front

office is super friendly!

She is exceptional! Before I

took my dad to

Dr. Valasquez he couldn't

eat because he was in pain

and he was missing a lot of

teeth from the top and

bottom portion. Now he

is pain free and all his

gaps are filled. He is able

to eat normal again!

Thank you Dr. Valasquez!

Yelp Third Review

- 5 Stars
  • 0 friends
  • 1 review


I got the cement from my

braces removed and my

teeth cleaned here and I

have to say,I have never

been more satisfied with any

dental service I have ever

received! The facility is

clean and inviting,

and everyone was

friendly. Dr. Velasquez

and Vilma

explained the procedures

thoroughly, and they

were gentle on my sensitive

teeth as they worked

to remove every trace of

cement that had made

me self-conscious

about my smile for years.

Afterwards, Loida polished

my teeth and she too was

very gentle and polite.

Coming here was overall

a quite gratifying



Especially for those who

are intimidated by seeing

the dentist; they are

professional and ​will treat

you like a person rather

​​than a specimen.

  • 22 friends
  • 21 reviews​

3/7/2016 - Marco R.

5 Stars - *****

I highly recommend

Dr. Velasquez! I have been a

patient for years and what is

impressive about him is how

much effort and dedication he

puts into his patients to ensure

their overall oral health. He

pends a lot of time working

with you so you understand

your treatment options, the

procedures, and financial

options. I can tell he really

loves his job and really cares

about his patients. I feel like

he and his staff genuinely

cared about the health of my

teeth since my very first visit

and didn't try to force any

services or procedures on me.

He will even point out to you

the areas that need more

attention (flossing, brushing

technique, etc.). The most

important thing I can say is

that he engenders a sense of

trust in his patients. His staff

is very professional, courteous

and charismatic. I would

recommend him to anyone

who needs dental work and

is afraid of going to the

dentist! He is the